Reporting Potholes

In March 2018, KCC Highways Contact Centre received more than 2,000 highway calls over just 7 days and nearly 1,000 winter enquiries were logged on its fault reporting tool. The help and support received from Parishes, District and Borough Councils and the contracts with local farmers was superb.

The road network has not escaped unscathed.  More than 1,200 potholes were reported in just one week (one of the highest weekly enquiry demand ever seen). Highways have prioritised repairing the most serious of these defects. A much wider pothole blitz campaign commenced from the beginning of April. A substantial budget is identified, and delivery of this programme will be, as last year, through local contractor contracts.

KCC already inspect roads in Kent on a regular basis (ranging from monthly for high speed and major roads through to annually for minor and some rural roads), but they also rely on the public and Parishes reporting any defects that are found between these inspections. Their online fault reporting tool has been improved and can be found at which will work from any kind of device.

By using this tool, the faults go directly into the highways fault management system, so they can be immediately actioned by our staff.

KCC stewards will inspect the faults and either make a temporary repair if necessary, or arrange for a permanent repair to be completed as quickly as possible. Every fault is assessed against our safety criteria and will be repaired either in 2 hours if it’s an emergency fault, within 7 days for urgent faults, or within 28 days for non-urgent faults. If the road is going to need resurfacing, we will call customers to let them know how quickly it will be done, but this can take a little longer for us to plan and action.
Once faults have been logged, customers can track their enquiries using the unique reference number they are provided with.

Please note that KCC quality check repairs and if it has not been satisfactorily completed by contractors, then they will be called back to do it again (KCC only pay contractors for the repair once, and only when they are happy that it meets standards and all work is guaranteed for 1 year). The online tool can be used by customers to let KCC know if any recent repairs by KCC or indeed third parties such as the utilities, are not up to standard.