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Office Hours: Mon-Fri – 9am-5pm
Office Address: Holly Glade Pembroke Road Coxheath Maidstone ME17 4QJ
Joint e-mail address: office@loose-pc.gov.uk

CLERK: Kim Owen – Tel: 07855 000156
Deputy Clerk: Liz McLaren – Tel: 07921 809161
Communications & Media Clerk: Anne Rigby – Tel: 07419 986538
Responsible Finance Officer: Jan Capon

Website: www.loosepc.kentparishes.gov.uk


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The planter at the top of Old Loose Hill, has been refreshed with spring flowers and bulbs. We have removed all the Christmas decorations and have them stored at the Loose Parish Pavilion. If you want to claim them please email office@loose-pc.gov.uk to arrange collection. Please don’t add any more decorations to the planter, in case it damages the new displays. Thank you.


Do you know what’s happening in Loose?

  • The parish council is looking into purchasing a defibrillator for the parish. If it goes ahead, it is envisaged that it will be accommodated in the red telephone box on the village green, which is also being turned into an information kiosk.
  • The parish pavilion now has a number of regular vacant slots during weekdays for anyone wishing to hire it. We are also able to take bookings for anyone wishing to hire it on an ad-hoc basis (minimum 2 hours) during weekdays or at weekends.
  • Residents are asked to be on the look-out for any anti-social behaviour or suspicious activities, particularly around the Brooks, Brooks Field and the King George V Playing Field. If you spot anything, please record as many details as possible and ring the police on 101 (or 999 if an emergency).  You are strongly advised not to tackle the problem yourself.  

Loose Neighbourhood Plan

Work on the Loose Neighbourhood Plan continues at a steady pace, primarily the Consultation Statement i.e. the record of all the public engagement events held over the preparation period of the plan. This also includes a log of the comments (826 in all) received on the draft plan via the questionnaire, and the parish council’s response to these. This statement is virtually completed. Arising from the work the Neighbourhood Plan itself requires modifications. This task is underway.

Finally, before the draft is passed to the Borough we have to prepare a Basic Conditions Statement. This will show which sections of the Borough’s Local Plan the Loose plan accords with. Now that Maidstone Borough Council’s Local Plan is not going to be “called in” it can be unified as one document, thus making our work more straightforward.

December issue of the parish council newsletter Loose Views out now.