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Defibrillator now Installed in Phone Box

A defibrillator for the parish has been purchased and installed in the Red Telephone Kiosk, on the Village Green, at the top of Old Loose Hill, just up from the McAlpine Allotments. A demonstration on its use was held at the Annual Parish Meeting on April 25, and also at the North Loose Residents’ Association, on May 12.

The Loose Parish Council would like to thank Community Heartbeat Trust and KCC Councillor Paulina Stockell, for funding this vital local resource.


Loose Parish Pavilion Vacancies

The parish pavilion has a few vacant slots during weekdays, for anyone wishing to hire it, either on a regular or non-regular basis. We are also able to take bookings for anyone wishing to hire it at weekends, between 9am-10.30pm (events must finish by 10pm – when the music licence expires).

The King George V Playing Field (where the parish pavilion is located) also has vacancies on a Saturday, for any football club looking for a new home ground. 

More details on hiring the pavilion or field.

Suspicious Activities

Residents are asked to be on the look-out for any anti-social behaviour or suspicious activities, particularly around the Brooks, Brooks Field and the King George V Playing Field. If you spot anything, please record as many details as possible and ring the police on 101 (or 999 if an emergency). You are strongly advised not to tackle the problem yourself.


Loose Neighbourhood Plan Update

The Loose Neighbourhood Plan is progressing. In March, following over three years of public engagements etc. the plan was submitted, as a draft, to Maidstone Borough Council for comment. Their comments resulted in some amendments having to be made. Following these amendments the plan will be resubmitted to the Borough as a “formal’’ submission.

The Borough will then advertise the plan for public comment over a six week period. Comments on the plan will be taken into account by the Borough. Loose Parish Council urges residents and stakeholders to comment whether their comments are favourable or not.

Following this period of consultation an “Examiner” (often a planning inspector) will be appointed to deliberate on the plan. If it meets approval it will be subject to a public referendum in Loose. Support by way of a vote of “for” would be appreciated by the Parish Council. If the referendum is carried the plan will become a planning document. This, alongside the Borough’s Local Plan etc., will be the criteria against which planning applications in Loose parish will have to be considered.


The Parish Council review for 2017 is now available. Please click below to find out more. http://www.loosepc.kentparishes.gov.uk/lpc-review-of-2017/

The LPC Financial Review for 2017-18 is also now available.